Board & Staff

NEED SOMETHING:   [email protected]

Laclede Water District – Board Members:

Chairman: Justin Roberts – 208-421-0611   [email protected]

Secretary:  Gloria Fletcher  [email protected]

Treasurer: Kimberly Swank – 435-650-6997                       [email protected]

Mike Kauffman – 208-717-1810    [email protected]

Dave Stevens – 208-290-1458    [email protected]

Employee of the Water District:    

We currently do not have an employee in the office.

Call 1-208-265-4270 for emergency water issues.

Call – 208- 255-4068   or one of the Board members.

LWD Board Terms of Office- 6 years each.  Posted at District Office.

Justin Roberts           2023-2029

Kimberly Swank       2021-2027

Gloria Fletcher          2021-2027

Mike Kauffman         2019-2025

Dave Stevens            2019-2025